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If you would like to submit a project proposal to our foundation – Stiftung Jesuiten weltweit – you can check our general guidelines here and download our official project application form. Feel free to contact us in case of a doubt.


Application process

Timeline for 2019

Our project board meets three times a year. We won't be able to decide on funding between our project board meetings. 

Please send us the application form provided on this site until:

  • 31st January for the first project board meeting
  • 31st May for the second project board meeting
  • 30th October for the third project board meeting

Applications that reach us after the 30th of October will be discussed in the first project board meeting of 2020.
At the project board meetings, we will give a higher priority to projects that meet some of the following criteria. 

 Our general guidelines to fund a project

  • We support only Jesuit Projects 
  •  Each application has to come along with a letter of support by the Provincial in charge of the region
  •  We support one year projects or multi-year projects
  •  Our main focus lies on Education, Social Development and Justice projects. But we also consider other fields (see chart below)
  •  The project is aimed to support the poor and marginalized

Priotised project scope

  • Multiplicators
  • To help people to help themselfs
  • Participation
  • Contribution to social justice
  • Sustainability
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In 2017 we supported 121 projects in 30 countries with a total of 3.3 Millions Swiss Francs. These are the supported fields of 2017.  

  • Education                
  • Social Development        
  • Environment
  • Pastoral Work             
  • Jesuit Formation       
  • Health                    
  • Media/Art/Culture         
  • Caritas                   


If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us:

Stiftung Jesuiten weltweit
Hirschengraben 74
8001 Zürich
Phone: (+41) 044 266 21 30
Project administration:
E-Mail: Ralph.Bohli (at) jesuiten-weltweit (dot) ch

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